Friday, January 18, 2013

Flag Quilt

Isn't this a fun little flag quilt!  This quilt belongs to Lisa and her piecing was beautiful.

I wanted the quilting to take on the elements of a flag.  Stars in the corner and horizontal red and white stripes.

For the stars, I did all straight lines using a ruler as my guide.  

For the red and white, I made all my quilting horizontal.  Some feathers going from left to right and also stitch in the ditch and straight lines with the ruler.

I used double batting.  Warm and white on the bottom and Hobbs on top.  Why did I mix the two?  When using the Hobbs on top, it gives it a little bit more it's all I had for scrap batting that fit the size of this quilt.  I save all my scrap batting in hopes to use it for runners and baby quilts.  Bonus for the customer...I don't charge them for it.
This quilt, quilted up fast and fun!



  1. You really have a magical touch with quilting, a true gift. Always inspirational visiting you!

  2. Just gorgeous! You really are amazing. Some day I hope to be that good:)

  3. Super cute little quilt! Your quilting, as always is legit!

  4. This is beautiful, Jenny! I love the vintage look of Lisa's top, and your quilting, as always, enhances it perfectly. You nailed it again!

  5. What a fun quilt! Your quilting is amazing!

  6. The quilt and the quilting are absolutely beautiful!

  7. That is a fun quilt and the quilting really makes it!