Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bettys Quilt

This is Betty's quilt and it's a big one.  I've quilted up quite a few quilts for her and they are all BIG!!  This measures at 112" x 112".  I did a semi-custom quilt job on it.  I definitely wanted to stitch around all the handwork, so they stood out.  I also did a couple of different border designs and then a meander for the other borders.  I did need to make some adjustments to a few of her borders.  I've explained more about that in the next post.

This quilt is called "pieces from the past"....and I know Betty added some extra borders to make her's bigger.  I'm happy with it and I hope Betty will be too.



  1. Beautiful, it looks like a Crab Applehill pattern. What a big quilt, the borders look very wide. You have made a lovely job of the quilting.

  2. You rock Jenny! That quilt is beautiful completed!

  3. Beautiful quilt and quilting! Great fix with the extra fabric and if I ever have this problem I just have to remember how you handled this. Thanks for sharing.