Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quilting idea's for a quilt.

I wanted to share with you my quilting idea's for Patsy's quilt. 

The first thing I did on this quilt was decide what I wanted to quilt on the border.  I decided to quilt a freehand feather, swirl, pebble filler.  Now that the border quilting design was determined, I knew I wanted to carry those same designs throughout the rest of the quilt.

The other quilting design I wanted to add throughout the quilt was the straight line, piano key like quilting, I did on the outer border.

I took each block and added one of those border quilting designs to it.  My background fillers were either a swirls, feathers or pebbles.

I mixed some feathers and pebbles on this one.  I also wanted this block to stand out because it was the center block and by adding some triangle corner frames...really gave this block a different look and gave it that pop I wanted.  I used the straight lines in the triangles here.

There were two of these blocks on Patsy's quilt and I quilted them the same.  As you can see I've used feathers for the center and some straight lines on the sides. 

I also quilted a parallel line 1/4 inch in from the sides of all the blue blocks.  By doing this, it really helped separate the blue blocks from the green blocks.

..so the next time you are stumped as to what to quilt on a quilt, try to determine your quilting design for your borders first then take those same quilting designs and use them throughout your whole quilt.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Even quilt spacing and feathers.

This is Deb's beautiful quilt.  I really love how it turned out!  I wanted to share with you a couple of little tips I do often.  The first one is trying to figure out even quilting spaces using acrylic rulers.

I used the piecing in this quilt for my reference marks as to where I was going to use my acrylic rulers.

As you can see I used the tips from one corner to the other on this log cabin block for my reference marks.  Since the whole quilt was all log cabin blocks, it made it easy for me to know where I wanted all my arch's to go. 

To create the echo on the arch I used two different size arch's. One just slightly more curved than the other.

Now for the border arch's I also used the piecing as my guide.  I counted all the log cabin strips, including the 1" sashing.  It came to 50 strips.  I divided that into a number that would work with the size of my arch and 5 was the magic number.  So I needed 5 arch's to go the length of the border from sashing to sashing at 10 strips per arch.  I used an invisible marking pen to give me my reference points.  You can see above the 10 piecing strips worked perfect for the arch.  I was lucky for this quilt because it's a square quilt, so the arch's went around the border perfectly on all sides.

Here is a good picture of the arch's on the border and on the white parts of the quilt.

The last little tip I wanted to share with you is about feathers and when you come to an awkward point when stitching your feathers.

You can see above I used the arch as my vine but when I came to that awkward point the arch was not going to work well for my vine....so I made a feather pebble in the corner space then continued on with my next feather petal on top of the last one....then continued on using the arch as my vine again.

Thanks for taking a peek and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on these little tips.


Friday, April 19, 2013

"Metro Hoops" quilting motif

"Metro Hoops" Quilting Motif

This motif was fun and easy to do up!  

I used 3 different size acrylic circles.

I then used the seams as my reference points.

Using the larger circle, I sat the edges on both seams and starting on the left seam, stitched half way around the circle to the top seam (sample above).  With needle down I then re-positioned the circle and repeated the same thing until I came back around to where I started.

With needle down I then positioned the circle a quarter inch in from the stitch points on the seam (sample above).  Repeat this also going all the way around until you come to where you started.  That creates your outer flower petals.

Using the same circle, stitch a circle in the center.  With need down, continue with your outside filler ( my filler is the up/down bumps) feather would be pretty too.

Using the medium circle, stitch a circle with in the other circle.  Needle down do a pebble filler.  Next, with needle down make the center motif using the smallest circle.

Starting at the top, stitch down and eyeball the center point....move the circle and stitch the right side...repeat all the way around to the beginning.

I then did a filler on the very outside of the motif...to help it really pop out.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Quilting on the DWR

Sew Kind Of Wonderful: Quilting on the DWR: Fi rst off, I just want to say th anks to all the sweet comments on our new quilts and the nice comments about the DWR.   The last time I h...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flag Quilt

Isn't this a fun little flag quilt!  This quilt belongs to Lisa and her piecing was beautiful.

I wanted the quilting to take on the elements of a flag.  Stars in the corner and horizontal red and white stripes.

For the stars, I did all straight lines using a ruler as my guide.  

For the red and white, I made all my quilting horizontal.  Some feathers going from left to right and also stitch in the ditch and straight lines with the ruler.

I used double batting.  Warm and white on the bottom and Hobbs on top.  Why did I mix the two?  When using the Hobbs on top, it gives it a little bit more puff...plus it's all I had for scrap batting that fit the size of this quilt.  I save all my scrap batting in hopes to use it for runners and baby quilts.  Bonus for the customer...I don't charge them for it.
This quilt, quilted up fast and fun!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Video Tutorial for Motif and Feather Ring

I quilted up a motif and feather ring on Lisa's Beautiful quilt.  

This video is very un-professional, but you'll get the idea of how I do them by watching it.

I also wanted to share a couple of things, I didn't mention in the video. 

The arch ruler is by Renae Haddadin.
The green ruler is by Gadget Girls
The circle template is by Linda's Electric Quilters

I switched my top thread to a dark tan for the feather ring. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.