Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This quilt is Kathy's,  I've know Kathy for a long time, she did this up a long time ago.  She finally had it me.  The white fabric is like a it didn't give much, as far as move?  I made it work though, Kathy loved it and that's all that matters!

These quilts belong to Marjorie.  I used the pattern Gilded by Ann Bright for the top quilt.  The next quilt....I did a freehand all over feather and the last quilt was light custom, some border designs and then outlined the picture blocks, then filled in the rest with a meander.  All fun quilts!
And this is Betty's quilt!  I love Betty, she is so nice and I've quilted up quite a few of her quilts.  This was a big one and she wanted double batting.  I did a freehand swirly thingy.  

So sorry the pictures are not better,  I took some of these pictures at I did not get the natural light through the window.


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  1. More of your gorgeous quilting Jenny ... How fun to see one of my designs in there ... The 4th photo was a kit purchased at my shop :) We had this kit in many colorwash over the years ... ALL of which need quilting :(