Wednesday, November 9, 2011 I've been immersed with the computer lately doing up my patterns and my brain is completely shot!!    
It felt great getting some customer quilts done and trying to get back on track!

This is Karen's quilt.  I did a freehand feather design on it.  I think it turned out great for this little quilt.

This is also Karen's.  I've wanted to try this freehand large swirl design, so Karen's quilt was my trial.  I like it.  There are few start and stops though.

This is Sharon's quilt.  I did a freehand hook feather on it it. pretty!



  1. Great to see you back at the machine! Love the quilting on all three quilts. Your freehand large swirls are amazing!!

  2. So excited to see some quilts from you. I love that large swirl quilt you did. That was done freehand? It is so perfect. Great job! I also love those freehand feathers.

  3. Your quilting is so nice! I love it!

  4. Loving those whimsical-looking feathers!

  5. Those swirls are incredibly (!) round. Wow - really good job. And like the other commenters, I too love your feathers.