Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is Marilyn's quilt.  I did custom quilting.  Leaves in the border, continuous line and I didn't stitch in the ditch.  I used warm and white.   Very pretty quilt!

This is also Marilyn's.  She wanted straight lines very this cute baby quilt!

Oh and I wanted to tell how I did the quilt in my last post.  And why it took me only 4 1/2 hours.  Each block was almost continuous.  Once I put my needle into the fabric I tried really hard not to end my stitch.  Continuous lines and loops.  I quilt a bit faster than most people I think.  And it helps my curves stay smooth.  I did do some filler and some feather's that of course would not allow me to be totally continuous.  And for the sashing's I stitched my marking or measuring just eyeballing it, then filled in with rabbit ear feathers which for me are definitely the fastest.  And the only stitch in the ditch I did was around the 10 inch blocks.

I had the privilege when I first started longarm quilting watch other longarmers quilt and one quilter in particular cranked her speed up on a custom quilt...that was stitching in the ditch too.  After I saw that I was challenged.  I went home and did just that.  I cranked my speed up.  Of course depending on what your doing you can't always do that.  But if you haven't tried it, do!  You'll be surprised how much faster you can go.  I don't have a stitch regulator so I have to adjust my speed all the time.  Not sure how to work the regulated you just go faster, with out having to adjust anything?



  1. Gorgeous, Jenny!!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Love the quilt and quilting...amazing how something so simple can look so great!