Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mail Candy!

These sweet pre-wounds are like candy to me!  I was sweatin...I only have 3 left.  NOT NOW!!  So when I first bought these I never thought I would use white very much..  I use to really try hard to match my top and bottom threads and therefore was winding many...many...bobbins!  But the more I started using these the more I loved them.  The white is pretty thin and so it blends real nice on most backs....with most Medium to light tone threads on top.  

They are magnetic on one side and therefore snug in to the bobbin case.  You do need to take out the bobbin spring to use these.

I ordered them through Fil-Tec.

They do have other colors but it is there "glide" thread line.  And it is thicker.  I'm sticking to these for now.  There is more thread on a bobbin and the only one's that come in a box, besides black.

Just though I'd share one of my "longarm" candies I can't live with out!!



  1. I've wondered how those worked on the long arm. I have used them on my conventional and LOVED them! I'll have to try them on the long arm :)

  2. Hi Jenny! I came over from Linda at Quilted Pineapple! We got our longarms about the same time. We also retired to Walla Walla from Everett about 18 months ago! I just bought these magnetic bobbins for my Gammill (the smallest one 18-8) and can't wait to try them! I've had tension issues all along - so far the only thing that has worked well for me is Isacord in the top and bobbin. I've added you to my sidebar and look forward to reading your posts!

  3. I use prewound on my embroidery machine, they are definitely a time saver!