Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old quilt top

My friend brought me this old quilt top.  This top has been in her friends family for a long time.  Marly wanted me to quilt it so she could give it to her friend all quilted and finished. 

I love thinking of the history behind old quilt tops.  This was all hand pieced and I only came across one hole.  WOW

As I quilted and advanced the quilt I made sure to stabilize the top..bottom and sides as square as I could.  So when I added my binding it was easy with no difficulty.  This quilt top was pretty distorted...not bad for how old it is though!

I also came across extra fabric in the middle of the quilt I could not ease in.  I made a tuck that ran along the seam...basted the extra fabric down then quilted it.  I then took the baste stitch out and  wala..it worked great!

The piece of fabric that was very thin was black and had a few holes.  I took a small piece of black fabric and put it under the bad fabric.  That way you didn't see the batting.  It's not very noticeable at all.

I used Spiral Square on it and used a light gray for the backing.  I had this little polka dot blue fabric I used for the binding and I think it was a great choice. 

I'm sure I broke all sorts of rules handling the old top.  But it looks better than it did and my friends friend will love it!!  I think that's all that counts!


  1. I think it looks great, and you oviously took a lot of care when quilting it. I love the subtle dark and light fabrics in the log cabbin.

  2. I love the Spiral Square for log cabin quilts! It looks great and now can be enjoyed!

  3. Square Spiral was the perfect treatment for that one. It looks great!

  4. Rules....what rules? :)
    You brought this quilt back to life, I love the texture the Spiral Swirls gives it. Great job!