Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't ask me why I could not turn this photo?  I have been questioning my computer skills the last couple of days!! 

Anyway...I got some of this new OMNI thread by Superior Threads at Quilt Market and LOVE IT!!  I quilted this quilt with it and had no tension problems...it was smooth and just a little sheen...Beautiful!!  Better yet, it's cheap and 6000 yards of thread on one spool!!

This is Eleanor's quilt.  I did a freehand fun Coral looking flower.  



  1. First --Love the quilting. And will need to try this thread. Second-- Had too laugh-- I have a tilted photo too. Could not get upright. And it is of my son and his prom date. It is at

  2. I've been wondering about that thread. Nice to hear good things about it. Will need to order some. Love the freehand design. Looks great on your quilt.

  3. I've had similar photo issues with blogger. When this happens I usually go back to my original photo and save it in all four orientations. I upload all four to blogger and use which ever one shows up in the correct orientation. This works most of the time, but isn't foolproof.

  4. I got some of that thread too and I'm so glad I did, lots more to come!!! The machine loved it, no breakages, no tension problems, and very cost efficient. Loved it.